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CCK08: Not an Island?


Week 5 in CCK08 has opened up a lot of thoughts for me. I have tried to read as many blogs as possible and am staggered by the richness of what people are doing. I have not experienced such a focused creative incandescence before and I have spent an enormous amount of time thinking, reflecting and admiring.

I was contemplating John Donne’s Meditation XVII (including the ‘No man is an island’ lines) when I came across this link to Jason van Genderen’s 2008 Tropfest short film.

This article provides some background information about the film and the film makers.

Author: Keith Lyons

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8 thoughts on “CCK08: Not an Island?

  1. Hi Keith! Great video, thanks. I come from a small town, where people mostly know each other, at least vaguely… so the homeless and other socially marginalized people are people with names… not sure the fact that they are not just numbers makes life for them or theirs any easier…
    Warmly, Saša

  2. Thanks for this clip. It is amazing and so true in so many ways!

  3. Living in Jacksonville, FL, with one of the highest homeless populations, it is sometimes difficult to know when to respond to a genuine plea for food money or when you are simply part of a scam. Requests for money is a daily occurrence especially in the downtown area.

    I personally wrestle with trying to help someone versus walking away. However, when I walk away, I typically follow the person and give them money for food with the promise that they will actually buy food.

    Thank you for this extraordinary video. It reminds me that I need to jettison my monetary fears and do an act of kindness whenever it presents itself.

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  8. Beautiful video.. I can’t help it though.. I’m left wondering about the evil.. that this movie seems to over look. Perhaps there is no such thing as evil, and that the terrible things people do to each other, and their inabilities to reconcile as a result, are simply manifest of treating people as islands… I dunno.. I would like this movie to attempt to include this question, perhaps even answer it for me.

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