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Using Learning Experiences to Improve Coaching Practice

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Julian North has written a brief article for sports coach UK‘s journal Coaching Edge (Autumn 2008, page 30). In the article he reports preliminary evidence from the UK Coach Tracking Study (information from 1264 coaches) on how coaches use learning sources and experiences in their development.

This is the table Julian produced to summarise learning experiences and sources used by UK coaches:


Julian notes that:

…early results suggest coaches do not change their use of learning sources and experiences as they develop their coaching, Rather, they continue to use a balance of experiences, but receive different information and learning out of each at different times.

For a more detailed description of the research project see this presentation (Parallel Session 4, ICCE, Beijing 2007) by Julian North and  Melina Timson-Katchis.

Author: Keith Lyons

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One thought on “Using Learning Experiences to Improve Coaching Practice

  1. An interesting 3rd column in the table might describe the differences between usage and perceived importance.

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