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5 thoughts on “Point of Departure: Food for Thought 1.1 (W to S)

  1. Thanks for the great summary. Best wishes for the new year, Sarah

  2. Wow! What a summary, Keith! Great job reading (adn digesting!) a ton of information. I’m linking all over the place, thanks to you. -robin

  3. What a fantastic summary, Keith? You are marvellous in synthesising the thoughts and insights of the other bloggers, that is wonderfu. I still need time to go through them. And if I could read through half of them, I would be happy. But it makes me keep going, is it the same to you?
    I learnt from other responses that you have retired… really? How did you manage the juggling of such many projects in place? Curious to learn.
    Wishing you great successes with all the big conference presentations and wiki/Ning development.
    Many thanks for your sharing.

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