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Memories and Overcoming Live Skype Problems

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I was up early this morning hoping to have a Skype link up with some friends in North Wales at a Reunion dinner. Synchronising time after a clock change made some fascinating maths!

I had two Macs running and had tested cameras and microphones a number of times. A test run earlier in the day with my host at the dinner had worked well although there was some latency.


Given the live nature of the event I was keen to have an alternative plan. Once we started testing the link for the live feed it was clear we had a number of problems.


I had not prepared a message in advance but as soon as the difficulties occurred I started looking for alternatives. Given I live in rural New South Wales some of the bandwidth available to me limited the options I had.

1. On one of my computers I had the old iMovie version.

2. I used the iSight camera to record the picture and a USB microphone for sound.

3. I exported the video as a .mov file to CD format for a file size of 5Mb. (A one minute message)

4. I tried to share the file via Skype (the first time I had tried this) but the file share failed.

5. My host recommended but I was unsure about the sign up requirements.

6. I decided to use my Google video account to share the file and despite the bandwidth problems I have the upload and processing occurred very quickly.

7. I posted the link on our Skype chat and my hosts at the Reunion had the option of playing the video.

I am delighted that I found a way around the difficulties we experienced. The Reunion was very important to me. I have never attended a reunion of any kind but the opportunities to meet friends from 35 years ago made me think about flying from Australia to attend.

My video indicates why this was important.

Ironically the game the Reunion was celebrating was the start of my professional involvement in sport and I have spent the last thirty years working with educational technology in sport. It was fascinating that an early morning in Mongarlowe could trigger such memories.

Author: Keith Lyons

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