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A Grand Day Out (In Rural New South Wales)


Today I had a delightful day out in rural New South Wales. I had the opportunity to meet with Tracey Dickson and her colleagues, Gordon Waddington, Stephen Trathen and Roger Adams at the Snowy Region Visitors’ Centre at Jindabyne. (For an example of their work see this paper on hydration and all day skiing, and this on wrist injuries.)


I had two options of route from Mongarlowe to Jindabyne and I chose the gravel road route.


It was a beautifully sunny day and the gravel road was very smooth and well maintained. My journey down coincided later down the route with many of the rural school buses converging on Cooma.

After a delightful meeting discussing interdisciplinary approaches to the study of snow sports I started my journey home and as it was still light I returned on the gravel road. To my absolute delight my trip home was interrupted not far after Farrington by a road full of goats. Fortunately I had my camera with me to document not a zebra crossing nor a pelican crossing but a goat crossing!




This is what you might call a no-kidding post!

Author: Keith Lyons

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3 thoughts on “A Grand Day Out (In Rural New South Wales)

  1. Wow that’s a lot of goats. Sunshine and I dream of herding goats one day.. Men Who Stair at Goats is all you Keith.. and the finishing scene is all me.. in the movie that is, not the trailer.

    I’ve wanted to drive that road for ages now. Every time I drive to the mountains for skiing, I see the old sign with “Braidwood” on it and think, if only…

  2. Stair = Stare … I was educated in the 80s

  3. I like the idea of stairing … much more visual than stare.

    Thanks for visiting goat heaven.

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