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Last year I wrote a post about Coaching, Conducting and Performing. At that time I was fascinated by Leonard Bernstein’s work with three orchestras (New York Philharmonic Orchestra, the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, and the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra). I was struck by the parallels between his experiences and coaching sport.

This week I listened to another recording about performing in music and was struck again by its potential as a resource for coaches. The recording has a great title: Boléro! A Musician’s Nightmare. It discusses Ravel’s music from the performer’s point of view. Those taking part included: Bramwell Tovey, conductor; John Ludlow, concertmaster; James Blades, David Corkhill and Gary Kettel, percussion; Jack Brymer, clarinet; Dave White, saxophone and clarinet; Malcolm Frammingham, trombone; Margaret Campbell, flute. The reader: André Maranne. Each of the performers talks about how they overcome their nerves about playing Bolero.

For my part I have linked Bolero with athletic and artistic performance since Torvill and Dean’s 1984 Winter Olympics dance to the Bolero theme.

Photo Credits

Isham Jones and His Orchestra

Christopher Dean and Jane Torvill

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