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Conference Session 2: ACCSS


The second session of the ACCSS Conference started at 4.30 pm.

This session comprised four papers on Tennis:

  • Kei Nishinakama
  • Hyongjun Choi
  • Masahiko Ishihara
  • Hiroo Takahashi

Hiroo Takahashi chaired this session. Two of the four papers were students (Kei and Masahiko) working with Hiroo. He inducted these student gently into public presentation.

Kei explored the use of a normative performance profiling technique.

Hyongjun looked at the consistency of key performance indicators in tennis. He made a very interesting distinction between real-time and lapsed-time analysis. He explored an absolute distinction between winning and losing and a relative distinction between winning and losing performance.

Masahiko discussed the effects of online discussion of tennis technique.

Hiroo presented the final paper of the session and day. He looked at the application of a computerised scorebook for tennis to coaching.

I was very interested in Hiroo’s discussion of momentum and the potential of real-time analysis evident in his scorebook approach..

Author: Keith Lyons

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