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Goal? … and some

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In March I wrote about IFAB’s decision to extend testing of goal-line technology.

On 3 May FIFA announced that a new set of tests for goal-line technology were underway.

The tests will be conducted in two phases at a football stadium selected by the respective technology providers, in consultation with FIFA. Companies have until 3 June 2011 to submit their expression of interest to FIFA via e-mail to: Following this initial process, interested parties will be required to confirm their participation via a formal registration concluding on 7 July 2011.

During the first testing phase (September to December 2011), each individual system will be scrutinised using stringent pass/fail criteria, both during daylight and at night under floodlights.

The criteria are:

  • A goal indication to referee’s watch (automatically displayed by vibration and visual signal)
  • Signal range (full coverage of the pitch and technical areas)
  • Free shots on goal (100% recognition)
  • Static accuracy test (minimum 90% correct recognition in this first phase)
  • Dynamic accuracy test (minimum 90% correct recognition in this first phase)

Goal-line Technology Specifications 11.05.03_ifab_glt_specifications_en

The recent Chelsea v Tottenham game heightened focus on the technology.

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Untended Goal

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