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Cirrus 110617


This week’s finds:

University Planning ad Design Summit (11 June) and Danny Munnerley’s presentation Teaching and Learning Eco-System

Bill Simmons (13 June).

Danny Nicholson’s guide to Podcasting (13 June) and Stephen Downes’ point to viral podcasts (14 June).

Discussion of the Higher Education Achievement Award (HEAR) (13 June) in The Guardian.

BooNote, Thinkery (14 June) EasyBib, Pegby (15 June)

Learning 3.0 (14 June) presented by Karen Cator.

Ask Not What Twitter Can Do For You—Ask What you Can Do For Twitter (15 June) Prezi presentation.

Adam Curry’s post (via Stephen Downes) (16 June) Social Crack.

A funny thing happened to me this morning. I witnessed a condition that I fear will become all too common in the universe of social networks. I got disconnected. I’ve seen this happen to (real world) friends and family on facebook. Their profile gets deleted, or suspended, or the facebook api isn’t responding to their mobile client software and the world becomes a darker place.

The Scholarly Kitchen’s post (17 June) Capturing Words:

The most recent estimate of the number of words in the English language is 1,009,753 (as of May 24, 2011). At the current rate of increase, about 15 words are being added every day.

15 years of The Big Issue in Australia.

R(tired)N’s post recalling the discovery of AIDS (17 June) thirty years ago.

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Big Issue Seller

Author: Keith Lyons

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2 thoughts on “Cirrus 110617

  1. haha – I love that you have a link to Simmons here.

  2. It seems entirely appropriate given your advocacy!

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