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IASI 2011: Morning Session Day 2


The first presentation of Day 2 at IASI was given by Jurgen Schiffer of Die Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln.

His presentation can be found here VIFA_June2011

The University hosts the largest sports library in the world. It provides a service to the whole of the country.

Jurgen discussed the development of the Virtuellen Fachbibliothek Sportwissenschaft ( ViFa Sport) under a single universal resource locator (url).

Jurgen then presented some of the functionality of ViFa.

He demonstrated the search capabilities built into ViFa.

He noted too the opportunities for international cooperation and the development of an international portal. These opportunities provided a stimulus to extensive discussion after Jurgen’s presentation.

Riku Valleala made an excellent impromptu presentation on National Sports Research Database in Finland.

Author: Keith Lyons

Clyde Street has been my WordPress blog since June 2008. I write about learning, teaching and performing.

2 thoughts on “IASI 2011: Morning Session Day 2

  1. Hi Keith, thanks for the rapid reporting and links!
    Fantastic initiatives on Vifa Sport and the Finnish Database!
    Congratulations to Jurgen and Riku on great initiatives. We will do our best to join and support your work from here in New Zealand.

  2. Richard

    You and your work have been much discussed here in Leipzig. You have been much missed too.

    My blogging at the Workshop has been driven by your absence. Distance does not need to be an issue.

    I think IASI will flourish and Day 3 should offer a framework for this.

    Best wishes


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