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#IACSS2011 Shanghai


The 8th International Symposium on Computer Science in Sport (IACSS 2011) is taking place this week at the Shanghai University of Sport.

The conference theme is Better Computer, Better Sport.

The conference website provides information about the venue and the conference program IACSS11_Schedule.

There are eight keynote addresses:

  • Arnold Baca: Education in Computer Science in Sport ā€“ A Report on 23 Years of Personal Experience.
  • Yong Jiang: Predicting results/scores for the London Olympic Game based on computer model.
  • Larry Katz: Successes and Challenges with Performance Analysis: An International Perspective
  • Jurgen Perl: Concepts and Methods of Modelling A Case Study.
  • Roger Bartlett: The Use of Artificial Neural Networks in Studying Movement Coordination.
  • Martin Lames: Positional Data in Game Sports ā€“ Validation and Practical Impact.
  • Dario Liebermann: Technological Diffusion Between Sport Science and Motor Rehabilitation Science
  • Peter O’Donohue.

There are 61 oral presentations at the conference too. I am presenting a paper on Friday afternoon.

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Shanghai Memories 22

Author: Keith Lyons

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3 thoughts on “#IACSS2011 Shanghai

  1. I can’t believe its 2 years ago already. Please pass on my best to all.

  2. I look forward to reading a brief of your paper, Keith. The last symposium was brilliant. I shall follow with great interest.

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