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Integrity in Sport Update: November 2011

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In the last two days two items have appeared that add more opportunities to reflect on integrity in sport.

One of them is particularly poignant.

In one of his last discussions in the media Peter Roebuck, who died on 12 November, joined Harsha Bhogle and Osman Samiuddin on ESPNCricinfo’s Time Out to discuss the topic ‘National boards must lead fight against corruption’. The discussion centred on spot fixing.

The second item comes from India too. At the Kabaddi World Cup five Australians failed drug tests and two others refused to give urine samples, leaving the country. Australia was unable to field a team for their match against Afghanistan on Saturday. It was reported also that “US team member Manjinder Singh allegedly tried to substitute his urine samples with water and verbally abused National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) staff when he was caught”. There is a link on the Kabaddi Federation’s page to anti-doping.

Another press report notes that “so far, 29 players, from Canada, Britain, the US, Norway, Spain, and India, have tested positive to banned substances”.

There is a news item on Radio National about this event.

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Kabaddi Match

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