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Vale Camilla


Today is one of those days that you never want to experience.

Today is the funeral service for Camilla Hayman, a beautiful, vibrant, loving wife, mum, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend.

Camilla passed away last week at too young an age. I do not have any language to describe how I feel about this.

But today I am going to remember and celebrate. In some small way I will join Brett, Josh, Tim, Jillian, Jeremy, Jane, Georgia, Sophia, Leeroy and all Camilla’s friends in a profound grief and joy.

I am going to think about an excited girl who brought energy into my life and the immense honour and privilege I felt in being her colleague. It was wonderful to learn so much about the world from Camilla.

I have kept a record of the work Camilla and I did together and I have been looking through this for the last few days. One of her projects epitomised for me her spirit and joy for life.

She was asked to develop a system to support coaches in extreme environments in aerial skiing.

The project took her from the AIS in Canberra, to a pond in Victoria, to Salt Lake City and back to Mount Buller. Camilla was incredibly inventive and produced a system that only she could have devised!

This is a copy of an Aerials presentation she made at the end of the project.

Today I am going to try to think about her soaring and being wonderfully loved by all those she touched.

Vale Camilla.

Author: Keith Lyons

Clyde Street has been my WordPress blog since June 2008. I write about learning, teaching and performing.

2 thoughts on “Vale Camilla

  1. Keith I have only just seen this beautiful Eulogy for Camilla, one year on today – thank you. Jillian

  2. The year seems to have been an eternity without her.

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