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#5ACTC Cycle Tourism Experiences

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Rob Diamond (Diamond Cycle Tours), Will Levy (Two Wheel Tours) and Liz Mitchell (Snowy River Cycling) were presenters in a session that focused on cycle tourism experiences at the Cycling Tourism Conference.

Each shared their views on clients and contexts.

After their individual presentations Rob, Will and Liz sat on a panel chaired by Matt Lamont.

Photo Credit

View from Mount Stromlo

Author: Keith Lyons

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One thought on “#5ACTC Cycle Tourism Experiences

  1. Very impressed with the real time reporting of this conference on your blog. Our website is in transition from one host to another, a task that will take an agonising 5 days! So we are still off the air! Keen to discuss your approach to linking resources and making better use of media such as this blog and associated activities.

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