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February 2012 Medal Projections for the London Olympics

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USA Today is providing an Olympic Medal Tracker service.

The Olympic Medal Tracker “projects the winners in each medal event for the 2012 London Olympics, based on an algorithm that monitors athletes’ performances leading up to the Games”.

The Tracker projects “finishes for the top eight athletes in each event, plus country-by-country projections based on the accumulated results of individual events”.

The Tracker is updated monthly. The February 2012 projections were published on 3 February.

This month’s projections for total medals at the Games are:

There has been no change to the top ten ranked nations by total medals. In the top twenty nations, Brazil (16th to 13th) and Spain (24th to 19th) are two nations that have enhanced their standing in the table.


For other blog posts about medal predictions and projections for London, please use this link.

Author: Keith Lyons

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