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Symbolism: Joy and Sadness

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I was at the Sydney Regatta Centre this weekend.

I was watching the final selection races for the Australian flatwater sprint team.

Before the racing started I saw the sun shining on the Olympic rings at the end of the course.

The sunshine encourage me to think about the joy of Olympic selection after years of hard work. It prompted me to think about the sadness too of missed selection after equally hard work.

Symbolically the bridge at the Regatta Centre had one arch in shade and one in light.


Shortly after posting this I heard Deidre Anderson speak about sport transitions with Alex Sloan on the ABC666 Breakfast Show in Canberra. I am not sure if there will be a podcast of the conversation between Deidre and Alex but I thought it was a very clear exposition of issues facing Ian Thorpe and others.

Author: Keith Lyons

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One thought on “Symbolism: Joy and Sadness

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