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Down the Lane: Socialising and Socialisation

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Most Saturday mornings we have a family visit to Dojo Bakery in Braidwood.

I was particularly aware of it being a family occasion this Saturday.

My early morning read, thanks to my wife Sue’s find, was a story in The Guardian about Parent Gym.

In his post, Robert Booth pointed out that:

Parent Gym is one of 15 organisations that will deliver the lessons for mums and dads as part of a trial which is expected to reach over 50,000 parents. Others include Barnardo’s, Save the Children and the National Childbirth Trust.

He concluded his post with this observation:

A recent study led by the National University of Ireland involving academics from England and Wales examined the impact of parental training on 636 people involving children aged from three to 12. It concluded “group-based parenting programmes improve childhood behaviour problems and the development of positive parenting skills in the short-term, whilst also reducing parental anxiety, stress and depression”. The cost of around £1,700 per family was “modest when compared with the long-term social, educational and legal costs associated with childhood conduct problems”.

This post became a topic of conversation at Dojos.

It was a beautiful morning. Some people were sitting in the sun shooting the breeze:


Bronwyn and Helen were selling vegetables:

supporting shopping experience

and offering a tutorial on QR Codes!

I wondered if Saturday at Dojo’s could be a great example for the Parent Gym. There is socialising … and socialisation.

Young children play, people sit and chat whilst observing this play.

I think there is something magical about this and I often equate Dojo’s Lane with Diagon Alley.

Today there was an even stronger synergy. The Parent Gym founder is Octavius Black … a Harry Potter type name if ever I heard one.

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