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Goal-Line Technology Update: May 2012

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iSportConnect carried a story today about the use of goal-line technology in football.

The story indicates that:

  • England’s friendly against Belgium at Wembley on 2 June will be used to test the Hawk-Eye goal-line technology system.
  • Independent testers from the Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology and representatives from FIFA will monitor the system.
  • It will not be available for use by the match officials on 2 June.
  • The Hawk-Eye system was tested in a English minor league cup final between Eastleigh and AFC Totton in April.
  • An alternative system, GoalRef, has undergone trials at two Danish league matches this month.
  • The International Football Association Board will consider reports from these trials to consider the introduction of goal-line technology at its special meeting in July.

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Author: Keith Lyons

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One thought on “Goal-Line Technology Update: May 2012

  1. It’s about time. There have been some real miscarriages of justice at the goal line.

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