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Sport and Technology; 30 June 2012 Workshop

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I am taking part in a SportsTech 2012 Workshop this weekend.

SportsTech 2012 “is geared towards presenting technological solutions for grass roots sports. It is about managing and co-ordinating sports efficiently and effectively”.

It is being organised by Alex Mednis and is taking place at the Sutherland Entertainment Centre.

There is a Twitter #tag, #SportsTechAU for the event.

Over forty sports organisations have expressed interest in the workshop.

My 10-minute topic is Sport and Technology.

This is my SlideCast of my presentation.

I have chosen three themes:

  • Images
  • Principles
  • Data

I am hoping that these will lead to lots of conversations in the breakout sessions that follow the presentations.

These are the speakers at the event:

9:30am Graham Annesley, MP, NSW Government
9:40am Me
9:50am Jeff Vlahovich, Cancer Council NSW
10:00am Chris Woutersz, Aware Education
10:10am Rex Levi, SSJWPA
10:20am Kerry Turner, NSW Department of Sport & Recreation
10:30am John Reid, Australian Drug Foundation
10:40am Joshua Sprake, SSJWPA
10:50am Assoc. Prof. Paul Jonson, University of Technology, Sydney 11:00am Kelly Dowling-Jones, Clayton Utz
11:10am Nadia Di Lorenzo, Yogabody
11:20am Alex Mednis, thinkrelativity

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