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Wimbledon 2012: Early Doors


Last week I wrote about the Wimbledon Championships’ website.

I thought I would visit the IBM SlamTracker scoreboard on Day 1.

There was a page for Match Statistics:

Three keys to success for each player:

Indication of the momentum of the game:

I could not find the SecondSight data mentioned in this press release:

Following on from the 2011 pilot on Court 18, this year for the first time on Centre Court, IBM will trial player movement tracking. With IBM SecondSight it will be possible to track the fastest moving players and how their performance changes, set by set and match by match. The system can provide new data that could help players, coaches, commentators and fans alike; and, add a new dimension to fan’s understanding of the science of tennis.

Author: Keith Lyons

Clyde Street has been my WordPress blog since June 2008. I write about learning, teaching and performing.

3 thoughts on “Wimbledon 2012: Early Doors

  1. Hi Keith,

    I am here I will chase it up and see what that say!!
    Hope all is well!!


  2. Thank you, Darren.

    I hope you are enjoying being at SW19.


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