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Mind the Gap: Winning and Losing in AFL 2012

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I have been looking at winning and losing in the 2012 Australian Rules Football season.

Round 15 games were completed last weekend.

This season the average winning and losing scores by week have been:

Winners have scored 13889 points, Losers 8807.

After 15 weeks of the season, on average the Winners’ scores by game quarter have been:

Quarter 1: 28 Quarter 2: 27 Quarter 3: 28 Quarter 4: 28 Game: 111


Quarter 1: 17 Quarter 2: 18 Quarter 3: 18 Quarter 4: 17 Game: 70

I have been looking at performance against 2011 regular season ranking too.

In 2012 the results have been:


If the 2011 season rankings hold then the majority of the top half of the table should be green and the bottom half blue. Adelaide’s progress this season is very visible in this set of data.


Author: Keith Lyons

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