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Listening to Carlos


Carlos Ruiz Zafon was Michael Cathcart’s guest on Radio National’s Books and Arts Daily today.

This is the podcast of their conversation.

Carlos’s s latest novel is Prisoner of Heaven.

I was very interested to hear Carlos discussing the ‘cemetery of lost books‘, “a labyrinthine library of obscure and forgotten titles that have long gone out of print”. 

Andrew Stephens writes of the cemetery:

The Cemetery is a repository for forgotten books that have been carefully preserved by a select few librarians, and it symbolises for Ruiz Zafon the loss of literature, beauty and knowledge, as well as the destruction of memory, identity and ideas.

I am fascinated by the idea expressed in The Shadow of the Wind that:

Every book, every volume you see here, has a soul. The first time someone visits this place, he must choose a book and adopt it, making sure that it will never disappear, that it will always stay alive.

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La Pedrera

Author: Keith Lyons

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2 thoughts on “Listening to Carlos

  1. Yet another ‘I wonder if Keith would be interested in this:

    As its only on i-player you might find that copywrite restrictions will block you unless you have access via a VPN.


  2. Gordon

    What another great find and share. There has been lots of reminiscing about Melbourne 1956 in Australia this year so this is a great addition to that.

    I hope there will be a permanent url for the program. I will link to it as another addition to

    Thank you for the lead, Gordon.

    Best wishes


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