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Week 1 at #OAPS101

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We have had a delightfully busy week in the small open online course, Observing and Analysing Performance in Sport (#OAPS101).

At present we have 356 participants enrolled in the course.

This first week has given me an opportunity to explore the functionality of the OpenLearning platform.

You can find some of the week’s announcements here.

We have some Open Badges on offer and there is an interesting discussion developing about the merit of these badges.

Given the global nature of this course we have had four people on call each day. Mark Upton and myself in Australia. Darrell Cobner and Adam Cullinane in Cardiff.

I have been delighted with the first week and have always viewed OAPS101 as exploratory, fallible, messy … and exciting.

I am hopeful that the open and non-linear nature of the course has something for everyone. I do like the idea that participants are exploring different topics. Augmented Reality is causing quite a stir.

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Managing to Know (Giulia Forsythe, CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

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