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Opportunities for Secondary Data Analysis at the Asian Cup 2011

During last year’s FIFA World Cup I used data provided by the official FIFA website to inform posts about the analysis of performance.

This year’s Asian Cup has an official website rich in information too. (Link)

It is fascinating to observe how opportunities are increasing for performance analysts to use secondary data.

Data for the Asian Cup are provided by STATS and this is a news item about the service STATS are providing for the Tournament.

Here are some grabs of pages available for secondary analysis.

Team Formations


Event Chart

Team Heat Map

Individual Player Heat Map

These data are secondary data. Any performance analyst using these data needs to consider the reliability of these data sets … but I do think the opportunities offered are remarkable.

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Performance at the 2011 Asian Cup: Group Games

This post provides information about goal scoring in the Asian Cup 2011 Tournament in Qatar. Data from the Tournament can be found on the Official Website.

Goal Scoring

64 goals were scored at the 2011 Asian Cup in 24  Group games.

The team that scored first won in 18 games, drew in 3 games and lost in 2 games. There was one 0-0 draw.


Iraq scored first against Iran and lost.

Syria scored first against Jordan and lost.

0-0 Draw

DPR Korea v United Arab Emirates

Performance in Relation to FIFA Ranking

Higher FIFA ranked teams (December 2010 Rankings) in the tournament won 15 games, drew 4 games and lost 5 games (total games played = 24).


Saudi Arabia (ranked 81) lost to Syria (ranked 107).

Kuwait (ranked 102) lost to Uzbekistan (ranked 109).

China PR (ranked 87) lost to Qatar (ranked 114).

Saudi Arabia (ranked 81) lost to Jordan (ranked 104).

Kuwait (ranked 102) lost to Qatar (ranked 114).

Lower FIFA ranked teams (December 2010 Rankings) in the tournament won 5 games, drew 4 games and lost 15 games (total games played = 24).


Syria (ranked 104) defeated Saudi Arabia (ranked 81).

Uzbekistan (ranked 109) defeated Kuwait (ranked 102).

Qatar (ranked 114) defeated China PR (ranked 87).

Jordan (ranked 104) defeated Saudi Arabia (ranked 81).

Qatar (ranked 114) defeated Kuwait (ranked 102).

Goal Scorers

The time of goal, scorer and the game in which the goal was scored (scorer’s team in bold):

6 Yu (China PR v Uzbekistan)

6 Dong Won (South Korea v India)

8 Aaish (Bahrain v India)

8 Okazaki (Japan v Saudi Arabia)

9 Singh (India v Bahrain)

9 Ja Cheol (South Korea v India)

11 Mohammed (Qatar v Kuwait)

12 Cahill (Australia v India)

12 Chhetri (India v South Korea)

13 Mahmood (Iraq v Iran)

13 Okazaki (Japan v Saudi Arabia)

15 Al Zino (Syria v Jordan)

16 Abdulatif (Bahrain v India)

16 El Sayed (Qatar v Kuwait)

19 Abdulatif (Bahrain v India)

19 Maeda (Japan v Saudi Arabia)

22 Jassim (Iraq v DPR Korea)

23 Dong Won (South Korea v India)

24 Koo (South Korea v Australia)

25 Kewell (Australia v India)

27 Ahmed (Qatar v China PR)

30 Akhmedov (Uzbekistan v China PR)

30 Dyab (Jordan v Syria)

35 Hasebe (Japan v Syria)

35 Abdulatif (Bahrain v India)

37 Jedinak (Australia v Bahrain)

38 Al Husein (Syria v Saudi Arabia)

40 Koo (South Korea v Bahrain)

41 Shatskikh (Uzbekistan v Kuwait)

42 Rezaei (Iran v Iraq)

42 Abdelrahman (Jordan v Saudi Arabia)

45 Abdel Fattah (Jordan v Japan)

45 Holman (Australia v India)

45 Ahmed (Qatar v China PR)

46 Geynrikh (Uzbekistan v China PR)

49 Al Mutwa (Kuwait v Uzbekistan)

51 Maeda (Japan v Saudi Arabia)

52 Koo (South Korea v Bahrain)

56 Hao (China PR v Uzbekistan)

58 Akhmedov (Uzbekistan v Qatar)

58 Linpeng (China PR v Kuwait)

59 Al Saify (Jordan v Syria)

60 Al Jassem (Saudi Arabia v Syria)

62 Jedinak (Australia v South Korea)

62 Ansari Fard (Iran v DPR Korea)

63 Al Husein (Syria v Saudi Arabia)

65 Cahill (Australia v India)

65 Djeparov (Uzbekistan v Kuwait)

67 Zhuoxiang (China PR v Kuwait)

70 Afshin (Iran v United Arab Emirates)

76 Al Khatib (Syria v Japan)

77 Djeparov (Uzbekistan v Qatar)

77 Abdulatif (Bahrain v India)

80 Okazaki (Japan v Saudi Arabia)

81 Heung Min (South Korea v India)

82 Honda (Japan v Syria)

83 Nori (Iran v United Arab Emirates)

84 Mobali (Iran v Iraq)

85 Aaish (Bahrain v South Korea)

86 Fabio Cesar (Qatar v Kuwait)

90 Yoshida (Japan v Jordan)

90 Abbas (Iraq v United Arab Emirates)

90 Abbas (Iran v United Arab Emirates)

Asia Cup Matchcasts use a 0-90 minute running clock for goal times. I have used these times to allocate the goals scored into four quarters of the Group games (notionally 0-22, 23-45 (end of first half), 46-68, 69-90 (end of second half)).


The referees who officiated in the Group stages of the Tournament were:

Yuichi Nishimura (JPN) Qatar v Uzbekistan (2 goals), Iraq v United Arab Emirates (1 goal), Australia v Bahrain (1 goal)

Benjamin Williams (AUS) Kuwait v China PR (2 goals)

Abdul Malik (SIN) Japan v Jordan (2 goals), Qatar v Kuwait (3 goals)

Kim Dong-jin (KOR) Saudi Arabia v Syria (3 goals), China PR v Qatar (2 goals), United Arab Emirates v Iran (3 goals)

Ali Al Badwawi (UAE) Australia v India (4 goals), Jordan v Saudi Arabia (1 goal)

Abdullah Al Hilali (OMA) South Korea v Bahrain (3 goals), China PR v Uzbekistan (4 goals)

Subkhiddin Mohd Salleh (MAS) DPR Korea v United Arab Emirates (0 goals), Bahrain v India (7 goals), Iraq v DPR Korea (1 goal)

Ravshan Irmatov (UZB) Iraq v Iran (3 goals), Saudi Arabia v Japan (5 goals)

Nawaf Shukralla (BHR) Uzbekistan v Kuwait (3 goals), Iran v DPR Korea (1 goal)

Mohsen Torki (IRN) Syria v Japan (3 goals)

Abdulrahman Mohammed (QAT) Australia v South Korea (2 goals), Jordan v Syria (3 goals)

Khalil Al Ghamdi (KSA) South Korea v India (5 goals)

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Asian Football Cup Qatar 2011

The Asian Football Tournament 2011 kicked off tonight in Qatar.

I have a page of information about the Tournament at this link.

See this post for an analysis of goals scored in the Group Stage of the Tournament.

See this post for an analysis of the goals scored in the Knockout Stage of the Tournament.

The opening games was Qatar v Uzbekistan at the Khalifa Stadium.

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Khalifa Stadium