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Fossicking in the Social Web

According to Wikipedia, fossicking is a term found in Cornwall and Australia referring to prospecting.

“This can be for gold, precious stones, fossils, etc. by sifting through a prospective area. In Australian English, the term has an extended use meaning to rummage.”

My engagement with the social web is akin to rummaging but through trusted networks I do find rich seams of resources and opportunities.

Recently (thanks to Diigo) I have rummaged through:

This morning (thanks to Stephen Downes) Crocdoc and Osmek.

Of late I have not been visiting Twitter or Facebook but know that they are there. I have started to use LinkedIn much more and have joined some new groups: ICALT, Sport for Development, Sports Performance Analysis and World Class Athlete Development.

Fossicking is a very popular activity in my village. It is an old gold town and there are hidden treasures. It seems very apt that I should be rummaging around too!

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Gold minehead

Bernard Otto Holtermann

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WP 5k Mongarlowe

I read Sara Rosso’s post about the WP 5K collaborative exercise day on 10 April.

I think it is a great idea.

I did not have a MapMyWalk account to plan my route so I signed up this weekend. I was impressed by the functionality the site offered.

My planned run is in the village of Mongarlowe in New South Wales, Australia.

Main street Mongarlowe:

The route:

I look forward to hearing about how the 80 Automatticians in 62 cities enjoy their day.

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No Help for Giusto Cerutti